How can I give this a title?

I’ve been sitting at my desk with a sick child on the couch, working from home, checking Facebook, trying to blog when I stumbled onto a “line” that caught my attention and took me over to a blog that I have followed in the past, but been just a tad bit too busy as of late to keep up with. Maybe you’re familiar with Ann Voskamp from A Holy Experience. Maybe you are familiar with her best selling book One Thousand Gifts. Maybe you’ve never heard of her before. As for me, I like her. I feel a kinship with her. I like the way she writes, the way she puts words together, the semantics and sometimes lack thereof that she uses. I’m a visual learner and in my opinion, she uses words as well as any artist uses paints on a canvas.

So, as I happened across this “line” I paused.

“Sometimes you don’t know you are walking through a door

until you are already through it.”

Along with a title that says, “when you don’t feel like you’re enough.” Hmm.

For those of you that have walked this road with us to as we journeyed to live as expatriates with purpose, you might be surprised to know that she pens my thoughts, emotions, and feelings along the journey well. Really well. But her journey is still unfolding in the direction of adoption.

These words here might enlighten you.

“There’s some risks you have got to take because it turns out you can’t live not taking them.”

That’s how we got here. Living in China. Adopting two girls from Ethiopia. And honestly, there are many days when I still wonder if I’m enough. But the Crafter of My Story tells me that He is and because I wear his mantle, I am. It’s a humbling place to live and challenging. There are days I want to quit. There are days the enemy wins the battle, but because I know who wins the WAR, I get back up.

I just thought you might like to understand a little more clearly how we got here and why we stay here. Click the link above to journey over to her blog. I hope to hear how these words speak to you.

Grace and peace,


Ok, so maybe I lied.


It was unintentional. I promise. I fully intend to get back to regular blogging. I thought it would be an easier transition than it has been. You can’t blame me too much. I did all I could to make the move successfully and smoothly…we even have chore charts and weekly menus – that’s more organized than I’ve been in a while.  We are doing great on that front. The silent time killer is named sickness…in all its forms. We keep passing it around. Disinfect. Get well. Get sick. Someone little each time. Bless their little hearts, they’ve been down for the count at least twice each since starting at their new school. In theory my mind says, sick little ones can watch a movie, sleep, color, sleep, etc. and I can get work done…but it doesn’t work that way. When they’re sick they want mommy and since mommy is now the main bread winner…they mostly get daddy (whom they now CHOOSE over me) cause he can.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter who stays home…chaos ensues. Laundry piles up, along with dishes and you name it because there’s a whole lot of cuddling going on. And truthfully, that’s what’s important. And here’s another secret for you…I’m 45 and when I get sick…I still want my mom. She makes everything better. Always will, I think. I still like to cuddle up with her. So thankful she’s still around for me to do that AND that she still likes me. 😉

So, I lied. I said I was coming soon. Later rather than sooner, but still pressing towards the goal. 🙂


We are coming up on 8 years of expatriate living. We’ve lived in the same city and apartment complex for all of that time. That is very rare for expats. When you don’t have a place to call home, you tend to move around. Most of our friends have moved 2-3 times more than we have. Is there anyone who likes moving? Not me. So the thought of packing up my house, cat, and family to move across a country that isn’t my home…well, I wasn’t thrilled. But. Here’s the deal. Our Company has made changes and at the same time we’ve been offered jobs that allow us to make a change that is beneficial for all.

We are moving into leadership at an international school up north.  Which means we’ve moved. So, I’ve been spending time setting up house. My new boss is such a great man. He really wanted us to come and so he sent us a driver to drive out cat across China to our new home. Who does that? Tex was traumatized, but he quickly got over it and now is back to feeling like he’s the boss.

Chayli got him a T-rex shirt to wear and it SUBDUES him totally. He can hardly walk in it…it’s more of a crawl or a waddle.

We call it his T-TEX outfit. 🙂

Here’s a link to our new company’s website, but not the school.



This girl always leaves pictures of random things on my phone. She is a “button pusher” in the literal sense of the word. She has disabled my phone and iPad countless times because the thinks she knows the passwords. She takes pictures of herself and others and then of nothing…and she takes lots of them! I am always deleting multiples. She is deleting apps. Really.

I thank my Chinese friends for allowing the girls to play on their phones. I don’t… without using Guided Access (thanks Drew for teaching me about it)! Anyway, every morning when we head out of the house the question is whose turn it is to push the elevator button. Because, really, that’s what’s most important.


The mouse on the left is the old Lovey.

The mouse on the right is the new not-so-Lovey.

He literally chewed the insides out of it by killing it every night and bringing to me for at lease three years. I tried to replace it in increments. He wouldn’t have it. So, I just replaced the old with the new.  He’s slowly warmed up to it.

If we had mice, he’d get them.

If he were an outside cat, he’d get them. At least I tell myself that. He is a chicken, after all.

Christmas Cookies

We are making new traditions now that Drew doesn’t live with us and trying to engage the Littles in the story of Christmas and the giving spirit. We made a big batch of sugar cookies and decorated them and then gave them away. (Of course we did eat a few! Come on….it’s impossible not to.)

Tons of fun to watch and talk to the girls.


These boys…


I’ve said it before. We really love our balcony, but on days like this when the sun is shining and the wether is crisp but not cold…in the absence of a hammock…sometimes you just have to move the bean bags outside and enjoy the weather. Hubs is getting a quick nap. Tex joined him which is amazing. You think he’s a cat. He looks like one, sounds like one, acts like one most of the time, but really, he’s a chicken. He hates bean bags. So to be outside AND be on the bean bag at the same time should tell you just how appealing the weather was. Hubs was resting well…he wasn’t even aware I took this picture. You snooze when you can in this busy season!

A note about my hubs…he’s not really an inside cat kind of guy. He’s married to a cat lover and so he loves and cares for that cat as a way to love me and our daughters. That’s a good man. He’d rather chunk the cat some days, but he doesn’t. He does the opposite…picks him up and loves on him. That says so much to me about the quality of the man I’m married to. What about you?