This one.


This one made me a mom.

                 Tuesday, April 11th, 1995, 4:03 PM, Ennis, Texas

This one taught me unconditional love.

               He loves everyone and wanted to grow up tell people about Jesus, then baptize them. He said he’d be called, “Drew, the baptist.”

This one made me want to pull my hair out.

Endless chatter and questions mixed with ADHD. Need I say more?

This one made me unbelievably proud.

Countless ways. Mission trips, achievements, service to others, but none more special than when loving his sisters.

This one challenges my faith and makes me seek God more.

He has always been determined to do things his way. I was always afraid he’d never make it to adulthood because of that determination. But he’s here, living life on his terms.

This one. So many stories.

This one. So much to learn.

This one. So loved. Still. Always.


2 thoughts on “This one.

  1. Drew boy made us Grandparents. So special—–BuzzLightyear to the rescue! Papaw’s side kick on his John Deere tractor. Couldn’t have mowed all that acreage without Drew’s help. Love him to the end of the earth!!


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