My work companion

…at least he is not sitting ON MY computer this time. He is a sweet kitty and I LOVE how his little tail curls around his toes. How can one not believe in God when confronted with the complexities of life? This little creature…definitely a gift from God. Such personality. Notice the eyes…he’s not happy that I won’t let him ON the computer. He might not speak English, but he speaks. Does he not? I couldn’t create a creature so complex. He frustrates me and brings me as much or more joy at the same time. He’s adopted. I know those who get offended by the use of that term applied to situations not involving children, but adoption is God’s thing. Who am I to limit it? It helps people understand God’s great love for us and how he chose to take us into his family. Tex being in our family reminds me so often of WHOSE I AM. It might be a leap for you to make those connections. Not for me. And I fully expect to have my own lion in the eternal kingdom or at least a kitty. 🙂 …hopefully with a curly-Q tail.



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