A walk to the beach

10 minutes from my house is the seaside…and I’ve yet to go, until today.  I set out for a walk more for exercise than leisure. I wanted to go and get back before the sun set but as I headed out…changed my mind.  Spring is blooming all around. Such promise and grace from God in just a small bud. I was mesmerized by the iridescence  I saw from as far as my eye could see. Water meeting sky at the horizon, there was no change. I looked one direction and saw the a giant pearl and turned around to see behind me and viewed a glorious sunset, and still to the side to see a giant military boat docked. As I continued walking to the pier the small pearl grew larger and larger until as I got close enough I saw waves and reflections from a hundred different angles, one included my own tiny reflection. From the second level of the Pearl, which seemed to house a reception area inside, maybe for weddings, I could walk in a circle and see so much of this place I now call home. A view of the ocean and many sizes of boat along for the ride. A view of the mountain with a lovely pagoda that lit up as the sun set. A view of day turning to night as evidenced by standing under the giant Pearl and watching it light up unexpectedly. Such a lovely place to walk and view God’s workmanship. I asked Him, (won’t you join me?) to show me His plan for my family in this place.


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