A funny or two…

Recently I made a new soup for dinner. Eden kept saying with every other bite, “Momma, I love Shoop.”

“You love soup?”

“Hmmm hmmm. I love Shoop.”

Finally she got it, and said, “Momma I love soup.”

I grinned.

Then with her next bite she said, “Momma, I really REALLY love…..” and I waited for her to say it, expecting to hear “soup”…but what she said with the most emphasis her little four year old mouth could muster was….”FOOOOOD!!!”

I laughed so hard! “Me, too, baby! me, too!”


So every day on our way to school we pass by a group of older people doing Tai Chi (Tie Chee).

Every day Eden says, “Momma, what they do-ning?”  (I’ll be sad when she starts saying it right.)

Every day I say, “Baby that’s Tai-Chi.”

After about a week, I finally said, “Eden every day I tell you what they are doing. Now you tell me.”

Her response after a brief pause, “Tai Cheese.”

This from the kid who LOVES FOOOOOD!


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