How can I give this a title?

I’ve been sitting at my desk with a sick child on the couch, working from home, checking Facebook, trying to blog when I stumbled onto a “line” that caught my attention and took me over to a blog that I have followed in the past, but been just a tad bit too busy as of late to keep up with. Maybe you’re familiar with Ann Voskamp from A Holy Experience. Maybe you are familiar with her best selling book One Thousand Gifts. Maybe you’ve never heard of her before. As for me, I like her. I feel a kinship with her. I like the way she writes, the way she puts words together, the semantics and sometimes lack thereof that she uses. I’m a visual learner and in my opinion, she uses words as well as any artist uses paints on a canvas.

So, as I happened across this “line” I paused.

“Sometimes you don’t know you are walking through a door

until you are already through it.”

Along with a title that says, “when you don’t feel like you’re enough.” Hmm.

For those of you that have walked this road with us to as we journeyed to live as expatriates with purpose, you might be surprised to know that she pens my thoughts, emotions, and feelings along the journey well. Really well. But her journey is still unfolding in the direction of adoption.

These words here might enlighten you.

“There’s some risks you have got to take because it turns out you can’t live not taking them.”

That’s how we got here. Living in China. Adopting two girls from Ethiopia. And honestly, there are many days when I still wonder if I’m enough. But the Crafter of My Story tells me that He is and because I wear his mantle, I am. It’s a humbling place to live and challenging. There are days I want to quit. There are days the enemy wins the battle, but because I know who wins the WAR, I get back up.

I just thought you might like to understand a little more clearly how we got here and why we stay here. Click the link above to journey over to her blog. I hope to hear how these words speak to you.

Grace and peace,


2 thoughts on “How can I give this a title?

  1. I don’t typically read her blog because her writing is not my style. However, I saw a link to the post yesterday and was pulled in by the line “Sometimes you don’t know you are walking through a door until you are already through it.”

    Here are a few of my other faves:

    “We want clarity — and God wants us to come closer. Clarity did not come. He came closer.”

    “Sometimes you don’t feel God’s smile until after you take a step of obedience into God’s will… Certain peace may not come until after you take a certain step of faith. And a step of faith often feels like a step through fear.”

    “Every time you take a step of faith — there is this fear that you won’t be enough.”


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