I recently found a new blog I enjoy. I like everything I’ve read so far and enjoy the sweet spirit of the author. She has challenged herself to go deeper in her prayer life and, as an organized person, has created a Prayer notebook to help her.

I watched the video and I’m challenged to try it out. She references links to free printables that you’ll have to go to her Blog to get, but hey, they are FREE.

I’m a reluctant journaler. I do it, but so inconsistently. So, I’m curious if this will help me. I love the idea of writing it out. I am a fan of technology, but not when it comes to my Quiet Time. I want to hold a REAL Bible, write REAL notes (Not to mention my love/hate relationship with autocorrect.), have CUTE pens (just keeping it real). Anyway.

I’d love to hear what you use.


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  1. I,too,am on and off with writing down my thoughts, so I do a lot of writing in the margins of my Bible. However, even that is not as regular as it once was. Even though we are retired Bill and are still active in many activities. Nevertheless, my quiet time should take precedence over everything. So, my aim is to get back to the basics.


  2. Wow, I felt a little intimidated by this video. I cannot imagine myself having a notebook with that many tabs. I think it would be overwhelming for me and I would spend hours at first trying to get it done before abandoning it as too much trouble. I do not journal, never have. It is not something I am comfortable with at all. That’s just me. My prayer “journal” is a simple basket of index cards with tabbed dividers …praise, confession, thanksgiving, intercession, supplication, and answered prayers. It gives the advantage of being able to insert cards in the various categories and move them around within the category. Being able to pull cards to place behind the answered prayers tab makes it easy to see immediately all the answered prayers without having to search back through pages. It’s encouraging to see them there. Anyway, this is what works for me.


    1. Thanks for sharing. I don’t know if I’ll be as detailed as her, but I do like the idea of specific places for things, and specific things to pray for on certain days. I usually start strong and then somewhere fall off the wagon. LOL.


  3. This year I started with Daily Guidepost 2015. These are brief “Spirit-Lifting Devotionals” by 52 writers who are “Filled with Joy” because of God’s infinite love. I’m not a good journalist, but this has me in the habit now of writing down each day a joy that has presented itself into my life. Granted some days I really have to search for a joy and may end up writing a note that I’d like to recall later. Searching through each day’s events looking for a joy for the day, also helps me deal with my depression. When I see the good that God is doing for me and with me, it is encouraging and spirit-lifting. It’s baby steps compared to what you want, but it’s new habit forming for me. And, yes, I still do my Open Windows daily.


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